As you may have gathered already, we are passionate about all things antiques and love nothing more than sharing what we know with other like-minded individuals. And that’s the main motivation for this site. Not only does it give us the chance to submerge ourselves in the world of antiques on a daily basis, but it also allows us to impart that knowledge to others.

On this site, you’ll find a lot of information, and there’s no way you could take it all in at once. Not only because of the amount of data there is but because we’re always updating the site by adding new features and info to make it even better.

However, we also recognise that not everyone has as much time on their hands to spend looking at antiques all day. So, for that reason, we decided to create a newsletter.

What’s Included in the Newsletter?

Here at the Antiques Directory, we like to mix it up. So, every newsletter you receive will be slightly different. However, all newsletters will include any major changes that we’ve made to the website, as well as highlighting any important matters about the industry we feel are relevant for the month. If nothing else, it’s a friendly reminder that we’re still here and to come and drop by.